Diamondseedz works in close collaboration with professionals in the sector who have years of experience (more than 20 years for some ). Our seeds are therefore subject to rigorous quality controls , which offers you high quality collection seeds.

Our suppliers maintain a high stock of fresh seeds and we will never switch from one variety to another, seeds over one year old are intended for secondary markets.

Our suppliers proceed to the selection of individuals for each generation of seeds thanks in particular to a program of crosses controlled by an agronomist to guarantee the vigor of the hybrids and to avoid "inbreeding" .

They have professional resources and a multidisciplinary team made up of agronomists and biologists , who apply the latest technologies , such as continuous development with the gas chromatograph or genetic sequencing.

Another reason to follow Diamondseedz?

Because we are crazy enough to make all collectible seed boxes completely by hand, no action is automated. All these efforts so that each box of the Diamondseedz collection is a unique piece that we offer you.

Because ... quite simply, our products are aesthetic and deserve a place in your refrigerated display case!

Thank you for choosing Diamondseedz ...